New Update and Features

More Lines!

Some of our clients who were working with larger projects were seeing a slight lag when processing orders that had more than 60 lines of products. We have now increased the processing speed to accommodate adequately up to 120 lines. If you are working with more lines than this, we recommend having a very high end internet package to adjust for the data the system will be processing.


You will now receive notification 6 days before your subscription renews. This is to help you manage your bills and to know exactly when we are going to process your credit card for renewal.  If you need to make a change to your account before the renewal, please contact a representative immediately at or to discuss the change.  Please also note that if your credit card does not process more than 3 times, your system will be suspended automatically. Only updating your card will reverse the suspension once the payment is processed.

Emails Directed to Your Contact Persons

Each event can be different as your contact people change often. While working with a big company, you might have many different contacts in place that you need to communicate with. Instead of changing the core customer (the old way), you can now select a Contact Person (see the video on adding contact persons) and send the emails to them.

It Also Works With Auto-Mail

Now the email will go to the contact person's email instead of the company's main address. Just set it and forget it.

Pre-select Payment Method by Customer

If you know that Company X is paying by Credit Card, then save your staff a step.  Now you can assign a payment method to the client inside their profile. Simply select from the drop down what payment method the client most likely prefers and let it auto-fill for you.


Watch the How-To Video HERE: Delivery and Usage Dates

This has been a feature that has been requested many times, and is now available for you to use.  You can now set the Delivery Dates and Event Dates of your items within an order. This is on top of the Inventory Dates.

Now when you go to an order, you will use the standard date selector as the "Inventory Dates". These are the dates that you will assign your inventory to be reserved.  This is the TOTAL time that your inventory cannot be used for any other business.

Now when you click on the Delivery Tab, you will have the option to activate Delivery Dates and Event Dates. This will allow you to set the date for Delivery and Return and show this on your paperwork; as well as the actual dates of the events.

Dynamic fields to follow

Economic 2-Way Sync

Now the path works both ways so that you can get even more out of your Economic Integration. 

Measurement Field Bug Fix

Now the Measurement Field will not erase your hard work once you click save. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Create Product Quick Link on Order

Watch the How-To Video HERE: Create Product Quick Link

Have you ever been placing an Order and had a client request something that is NOT in your inventory? You used to require a second tab open and / or save the order and come back to add the product.  NOT ANYMORE!

Now you can add a new product quickly and easily to your inventory and immediately place it on the order. Just use the "New Product" link above the product section in the order flow. This will help you work more efficiently to meet your client needs.

Coverage Bug Fixed

Calendar Bug Fixed

You can now see the color of the Order Type much clearer within your calendar.


To learn more or provide your suggestions for improvements, please feel free to contact us at or You can always like us on Facebook at and


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