Late March update

In this update we release more customer focused features.  You will find all of the information here.

New Fields on Customer File

Watch the How-To Video HERE: New Customer Fields


You can now enter in the customer Registration Number, Economic ID and Quickbooks ID for your clients to create an even better integration with these powerful accounting platforms.


Upload and Store Images on Customer File

Watch the How-To Video HERE: Image Upload on Customer File


Want to store your customers Drivers License? Insurance certificate? You can now upload an image directly to the customer file so that you will always have access to it. Only jpg, png or gif files are valid and under 600 kb


Add Measurements to your Products

Watch the How-To Video HERE: Product Measurement Field


We understand that weight and price are not the only variables to your business. You can now use the Measure field to add the dimensions of a product. You can then use this when deciding how many pieces fit in a given area, etc.

Group products by Themes


Your products are already grouped by Category in the system, which is great at putting similar pieces like Chairs, Tables, Tools, etc.  Now you can take it a step further and group products by a "Theme"

For example:  You might have a theme called "Outdoor Events". And inside this theme might be products like "Folding Chairs, Tents, etc." This way you can have products from many different categories fall into the theme together.

You can select the theme you want the product to be grouped under in the edit product screen. The selector is below the description field on the product.

Customer Field Added to Serial Log


You can now search by customer on the serialized items in your inventory. This will allow you to see who had the exact piece last. In some cases it's easier to search by the customer than by the product history.

Go to Modules > In/Out > Serial Log



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