March Update Features

This feature update was focused on adding customer relation fields and more usability to your customer profiles. Please see the new features below:

New Android 2.0

Visit the Google Play Store to access the newest WIOsoft and RentalTrax app for your Android Smart Phone. This update includes faster loading, easier to use navigations, GPS Navigation to sites, fixed image upload bug and more.  Download it for FREE today.
Contact persons
We understand that you are dealing with often more than just one person for a job. So now you can add contact person to a customer profile. Here's how!
YouTube video:
First, go to Customers > List Customers
Select a Customer to open the Customer Profile Page
Click on the Contact Persons button on the top right hand side of the screen
Click on the New Contact Persons Button
Once you have created contact persons, then you can add these people as tags on the order screen.  You must save the order first, and then you can assign these contact persons to the order.
Try out this new feature and let us know what you think by email at:  Learn more at
Re transfer to Economic and Quickbooks
You can now transfer orders multiple times into your accounting platforms that are integrated with RentalTrax & WIOsoft. THe Economic and Quickbooks Online US platforms will create multiple versions of your order inside their system.  To re-transfer orders follow these steps, they are the same for both Quickbooks and Economic Re-Transfers. We will use Economic for this example:
Watch the How-To Video Here:
Go to Modules > Economic> Re-Transfer
Use the check boxes on the left to select the orders that you want to transfer into Economic. Once they are in Economic, you will be able to see the date stamp of the order to determine the most recent. You can move payments around as needed and utilize the most recent / relevant invoice.
Let us know what you think by emailing: or
You can learn more by visiting or
Personal fields on customer profiles
Let's face it, sometimes there is just information you need and we haven't thought of it. We have now added 4 different fields on the customer profile called "Own" fields that you can do whatever you want with. These fields are tied directly into dynamic fields so you can place them wherever you like on your layouts.
The Personal Fields can be found on the customer profile page:
Watch the How-To Video Here:
Let us know your thoughts by emailing: or
You can learn more about these features and more at or
Bug Fixes
Contact form headers in webshop with new data
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