New Updates for RentalTrax & WIOsoft

Partial Check In

You can now save your work when checking in items in case there are missing pieces or you need to come back to the check in. So instead of having to organize all of the pieces into piles inside the warehouse before scanning into the order, you can start scanning when they come off the truck. Just open the order that piece belongs to and scan and save.  This should make organizing your returns much faster.

Now when you don't have all the pieces, you can click the save button at the top of the check in flow. In this image, the Quattro Bass Amp is missing, so we will save and finish later.

Expenses Tab

Track your expenses inside the order so that you can see exactly what you are spending on those little purchases. This will help you to make sure that your costs are inline and that you are charging the appropriate amount and not wasting funds on stuff like dinners, gas and extra trips for supplies

Serial Log

Take your tracking a step farther using the Serial Log Feature. This can be found by going to Modules > In/Out > Serial Log

Here you can track the history of your items in a searchable format. This way if there is an error or a broken piece on an item, you will know exactly who had that piece last and who was responsible.

Process Status

Probably the most forward innovation we have made to the system is allowing you the client to choose your own status' on an order. You can do this now by first creating the status. The reason for this change is that once an item is "Booked", the job is not complete. You might want to track that the order has been "Packed", "Out for Delivery", "In Use", etc.

To first create the Process Status, go to Settings > Process Status

Next, you can utilize these status inside the orders themselves. The standard status drop down will still be the inventory control; however, you can now use your process status's to let your staff know what stage the order is at.

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