New Android App Instruction Manual


New Android App Instruction Manual

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With this App, your drivers, setup crew and other users for your company will say THANK YOU!

We have developed the RentalTrax by WIOsoft app to help ease the workload on your team. If you are already a RentalTrax client, then this app is 100% FREE. We just want you to use it to take some of the stress involved in the Rental Industry off your shoulders. Here's some of the features we designed to help you out:

* Obtain signature on screen for deliveries so you can verify who accepted the products

* Take pictures of damaged products to automatically integrate with the order

* Access your Product List, Customer List and Order List while on the road

* Send messages back to the office to keep communication lines open

* Track Dialogue with the customer to ensure everything is documented

* Customer have a complaint? Create a complaint ticket so that you ensure the customer's issue is taken care of

* Quick access buttons allow you to call your clients directly through the app

If you are a RentalTrax by WIOsoft App client already, then download this app and take advantage of these new features. You will have to go into your dashboard through your regular login to allow access to the users you desire. Simply go to Settings > Users and select who should have access to the app

You also need to enter your system address, this is done under the three small dots.

If you aren't a current client ... come join us!

Go to and check out the many ways we can help you with your Rental Management through our Web-Based software.

Send us an email to or give us a call at 888-925-6236

We look forward to working with you! 

How to Setup Your APP in 8 easy steps

Ok, so you downloaded the APP … now what? How does it work? What should you do? Follow along with these steps to get connected to the App in just seconds.

  1. Log into your RentalTrax account on your computer and click on Settings > Users. Click on each User that you want to give APP permissions too. Select “YES” to activate their email address so that they can log into the App

2. Grab your Android Device and access the WIOsoft APP

3. Click on the Settings Button

4. Change your server address

5. Click on any feature to request Username and Password

6. Setup your customer signature tag line

7. Enter your office email address for fast communications

8.  Assign a "quick text" to automate messages to the clients

That's it!  You're all set.  Now enjoy the features.


Obtain Signatures



It is important to obtain a signature for the delivery when dropping off products to the client. Now with the new RentalTrax by WIOsoft App, you can obtain that signature directly on your phone. The signature will automatically be stored on the order that the products are associated with. To see the signature, follow these steps:

Go into the Order > Click on Media Tab > Click on “Signature” button

The signature will download as a “png” file to your computer.

Here is a screen shot of the button’s location:



List Orders

Access the information stored on each order through the new App. This way the driver is able to see exactly what was ordered, and all of the details so that they can make decisions while on the road. 

Drivers are NOT able to edit orders through the app. They are limited to just reading form the order database.

Submit Dialogue

Give your team the ability to track their communications with your clients. This will allow them to document any exchanges between the client and the team, while allowing you the ability to ensure that your clients are being taken care of. Through the RentalTrax by WIOsoft App, you can easily document conversations that are then associated with clients and orders inside your core system.

Submit Complaint

Not every conversation is a happy one. The new Submit Complaint feature allows your team to submit a customer complaint to be tracked inside your RentalTrax system. The status of the complaint will tell you whether or not the client has been successfully dealt with. The 4 status’ are:

New: This complaint has been newly registered

Open: You are currently working on a resolution to the issue

Awaits: You are awaiting some information or action from the client

Closed: The client has been successfully dealt with


Quick Access Buttons


Use the quick action buttons inside the order to call the client, obtain a signature or take a picture of an item. The call button will automatically access your phone’s dial pad to contact the number on file. When using the Picture function, the App will access your camera to take and upload a photo to your RentalTrax system. These photo’s will be stored on the Media tab of the order along with the signature.

Send Messages to the Office


Allow your team to send email messages back directly to your office through the app. They can attach files and photos to the email, along with a short communication. The App will automatically send the email message to the master email address on file in basic settings.

 Calendar Sort


Sort by date to limit the amount of orders that show up on your screen. This can save you a lot of time when going through orders and utilizing the app.  Just click the calendar icon on the top of the screen.


If you haven’t already downloaded the app, now is the time. Follow this link to gain access, your staff will appreciate it.

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