Introducing subhire

We are happy to announce, that we have introduced sub hire to our platform.

This is first step, and a very general introduction. Any feedback are appreciated on


How to use sub hire in our rental management software?

Step 1:

Log in to your system

Go to basic settings

Disable stock control (this will allow you to overbook your inventory)


Step 2:

On each product, is it now possible to set up a sub hire price and a sub hire supplier.



Step 3:

When adding a new rental product (only rental products, not packages, sales and virtual). A new input field will appear below the QTY box called "Sub".



In this case is only 5 pieces of tent available and we want to add 111 to the order. 

The system automatically suggests to sub hire the missing 106 pieces. You can always override this number.

As you can see, is the pricing still made based on the existing QTY structure. And the input from the sub hire field will place a PO line.


Step 4:

Under products is a new menu called purchase orders.

For each line on a order, that you are sub hiring on is showed a line under purchase orders.

On each purchase order, is it possible to set dates and progress.

Step 5:

A new dynamic field called "Products Sub hired" is available. This can be used on your internal picking sheets to show where to pick the pieces.




Please note the following:


  • A line is created for each sub hire on a order, also if you have two sub hire orders on a order from the same supplier.
  • The purchase orders shows a snapshot of the entered number of sub hires.
  • The PO part is only taking sub values entered into consideration. So you have to update old orders.
  • You have to manually update and maintain the progress of the POs.
  • The PO part dosent accumulate the sub hires, so if you have multiple sub hire orders for the same product in the same period, it will be on different POs.





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