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    Andreas Bäckström

    I have a small problem that I would like help with.
    We are at present two firms that use the same database. We work very close together, and with the same equipment.
    My question is if you has a smart way to configure so that you can see which company has used what equipment?

    We do not want two completely separated system when we use the same stock and the same things.
    Do you have any clever solution to this?

    My second question is whether you can remove a booking type from us?
    It's called " # 3 Offert " Thanks!

    Mvh Andreas Beckström
    866 apmpr / APM Pro Audio

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    Jacob Strib Sørensen

    Dear Andreas,

    Thanks for your question and for using WIOsoft.

    I think that you can do it in two ways:

    -Booking type. Make a booking type for each company. If you then go to reports -> who have bought you will be able to see where the equipment have been.
    It will also show you on the revenue reports, how the revenue is devided.

    -Departments. You can then see what orders have been done under the specific department.


    We have removed #3.


    You are always welcome to write us if you have any questions.

    All the best
    Jacob, support.

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