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Creating projects within the RentalTrax inventory management system will allow you to work towards a project goal for your client while tracking tasks, hours and time records for your users.  Creating project’s can help keep you organized and allow you to ensure that all of your client’s needs and your users needs are being met.  All functions relating to project creation can be found under the Project Management drop down menu above the dashboard.  To create a new project, go to:  Project Management > New Project.


1)     New Project Title

2)     Project Name – Give your project a unique name that will help you to distinguish the project amongst the list of other projects created within your system.

3)     Customer Selection – Select your customer by entering the name into the search field.  This field is an intuitive field and will automatically bring up any customers that contain the letters you enter into the field.  You can also use the New Customer button to create a brand new customer within your system.  (Information on how to create a new customer can be found earlier in this instruction manual).

4)     User Access – The users in your system must be selected here in order for them to be able to see this project within their system when they log in. 

5)     Active – Toggle between “Yes” and “No” to make the project active within the system.  If the project is active, you will be able to assign new tasks, users, etc.  If the project is not active, you will not be able to create or change anything within the project.

6)     Description – Enter a detailed description of the project that you are creating.  This description will be shared with all users assigned to the project.

7)     Save and Close Buttons – Save your new project to be able to create new tasks and assignments

New Project – Tasks

Once you have begun working on a new project, you can create and assign tasks to your users to help guide them through the project successfully.  Creating tasks and assigning priority can help keep the project organized and increase communication.


1)     Project Tasks Tab

2)     New Task Button – Create new tasks and assign them to your users by using the New Tasks button.  The project must first be saved before this button will work.

3)     Task list – Each task that has been created previously will be listed here.  They are listed in order of the most recently created.  This column can be sorted and searched using the search field and by clicking on the title bar.

4)     User Column – The User that has been assigned to the task is listed here along with contact phone number and e-mail.

5)     Status – Select the status that applies to the task.  The status’ that are available include:

  1. Not Started – The task has not yet been started by the assigned user
  2. In Progress – The task is being done by the user
  3. Awaits – The task is awaiting
  4. Complete – Mark the task complete so that the corresponding tasks can begin
  5. Approved – Management should mark the task approved when the task has been complete by the user and needs sign-off for completion
  6. Cancelled – Mark the task cancelled when it is no part of the project

6)     Priority Column – The priority column allows you to see the urgency of the task.  A light green exclamation mark denotes a low level task.  An orange exclamation mark denotes a middle level task.  A deep red exclamation mark denotes an urgent task.

7)     Start and End Date – The start and scheduled end date of the task will be displayed in these columns.  The end date is a scheduled date and not the date that the task was completed on.  This column can be sorted and searched using the search field and by clicking on the title bar.

New Task Creation

Create new tasks to keep your projects organized and help your users stay on time for projects within your system.


1)     New Task Title

2)     Project Selection – Use the drop down menu to select the Project that you will be creating tasks for.  If your project has yet to be created, go to Project Management > New Project and create it.

3)     Date Range – Enter the date range for the task you are creating.  This is not the date range for the entire project.  It is simply the date range for the task you are creating.  Use the “clear” link to remove the date range from the task.

4)     User Selection – Select the users that you wish to assign to the task.  Holding Ctrl or Command when selecting users will allow you to assign the task to multiple users.

5)     Description of the Task – Enter the description of the task that you are creating.  This text will be shown to the users within the system and can be as descriptive as you like with no limit on characters.

6)     Priority – Set the priority level of the task.  Low – Medium – High urgency helps to keep the project organized and moving the way it should.

7)     Status – Set the status of the task at creation.  If the status is awaiting approval of a manager, in progress or waiting, you can set the status so that your users understand where the task is on a priority and completion level.

Hourly Rates

Set the hourly rates for your users and keep accurate time records of the tasks that they complete for your projects.  To set the hourly rates for your employees, go to:  Project Management > Time Records > Hourly Rates.


1)     Hourly Rates Overview Title

2)    User List – All users that are withinthe system will be listed here and allow you to assign them each an hourly rate.

3)    Hourly Rate Column – Enter the rate for each user that they will be paid per hour.

4)    Save Hourly Rate Button – Use the save button to save and assign the hourly rates to your users.

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