Delivery Report Configuration

The delivery report can be configured to meet your business needs and include as much information or as little information as you see necessary.


1)     Configuration Tab

2)    Visible – Toggle between Yes and No to determine whether the Headline or the information is visible on the report.

3)    Columns – Each column within the delivery report will contain custom information regarding deliveries, returns and collections for the selected date.

4)    Movement / Trash Icons – Rearrange your columns by using the left and right arrows to make the report fit your business needs.  If a column is not necessary for your business operations you can remove it from the report using the trash icon.

5)    Dynamic Fields – Allow RentalTrax to auto-fill information from your order into the report by using dynamic fields.  Select the desired fields from the drop down menu and they will be displayed in the text box below.  You can add multiple fields for more information; as well as, create spacing and text solutions for the report.

6)    Click to Add New Column – Add more columns to the report to provide more information to your staff.

7)    Save and Download Button – Use this button to save and download your newly configured report based on the selected date you previously entered under the Report tab.

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