Excel Report

Using the RentalTrax export ability to export your customer, product and cashflow reports will allow you to create a tangible file that you can use for marketing and projections purposes.

Product Export

To export your product list go to Reports > Excel Report > Customers / Products


The information will be sorted into the following columns:

Product #:  Based on the SKU number created within your system

Name:  Based on the Product Name within your system

Type:  Either Rental, Standard, Virtual or Package

Stock:  Based on the total number of product in your inventory

Tax:  Based on the assigned tax class per product in your inventory

Price:  Based on the single rental price of the product

Category:  Based on the assigned category for the product

Dealer:  Based on the assigned dealer for the product.

Customer Report

To export your customer / client list, go to Reports > Excel Report > Customers. 


The customer report will contain sortable columns that include:

Customer Number:  Based on the computer generated assignment number per customer

Company Name:  Based on the name created during customer creation

Customer Name:  Based on the main contact for the customer created

Address:  Based on the addressed assigned to the customer

Zip Code:  Based on the zip code assigned to the customer

City: Based on the City assigned to the customer

Country:  Based on the Country assigned to the customer

Phone:  Based on the Phone number for the main contact assigned to the customer

E-Mail:  Based on the contact e-mail address assigned to the customer

Discount:   Based on the assigned discount percentage given to the customer (NOTE:  This is only automatically affected if the WebShop Module is activated and the client is shopping online.)

Maintenance Report

To view the maintenance report on a particular product within your system, go to: Reports > Excel Report > Maintenance.  You will then be prompted to select an item from your inventory with the search field.  Once you have entered your selection, you can download the file to your computer.


The maintenance report will contain sortable columns that include:

Maintenance Start Date:  The date that the product was schedule to go on maintenance

Maintenance End Date:  The date that the product was scheduled to return to available inventory

Duration:  The length of time needed to complete the maintenance on the assigned product.

Serial Number:  The serial number associated with the product that was sent for maintenance

Description:  A description of the work that was done on the product as created by you when assigning the product for maintenance.

Estimated Price:  The estimated cost of the maintenance work done

Offer Wanted:  Yes or No depending on what you selected when assigning the product for maintenance

Dealer:  The dealer who is assigned to the maintenance based on your selection as well as who the dealer was that was assigned to the product during product creation.

Created:  The date that the maintenance order was created.

Cashflow Report

Track the payments entered into your system for accounting purposes.  To access the cashflow report, go to:  Reports > Excel Report > Cashflow.  You will then be prompted to enter a date range.


The cashflow report will provide you with sortable columns that include:

Date:  The date that a payment was made on.

Order #:  The order number that a payment was made on.

Customer:  The name of the customer who made a payment on the order

Text:  The text that was entered in the description box when making a payment.

Payment Method:  The payment method that was used when making the payment.

Amount:  The total amount of the payment that was made.


For more information on how to make payments within the RentalTrax system, please see Payment Tab described earlier within this manual.


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