Payments Tab

Whether you are receiving an initial deposit or continued payments on your rental/sale, you can enter these payments using the Payment tab at the top of the order sheet.  You will have the ability to provide receipts for each payment as well as update your clients order sheet.


View the How-To Video HERE: Payments

1)    Payment Tab

2)    Remove Line / Download Receipt icons – The Red X is used to remove a payment line from the order in the event of an error.  The white paper with the green down arrow will provide a download link for a receipt of payment for the client.  This icon will not appear until you have saved the payment within the system.  You can customize the look of the receipt by going to Settings > Layout > Payments.

3)    Payment Date – Enter the date that the payment was received.

4)    Text Field – Enter distinct text that explains the payment and reason for payment.  This will auto-populate on the payment receipt.

5)    Payment Method Drop Down – Enter the method of payment that you received.  You can create and customize payment methods by going to Settings > Payment Methods.

6)    Amount Text Field – Enter the amount of the payment into this field.  After you save the payment the total will reflect the payment received.

7)    Add Payment Button – Use this button to add another payment to the order.

8)    Total Paid / Total Due – After you have saved the payment the system will update these fields to reflect the payment received and provide the balance due on the order.

NOTE:  In order for the system to register that the order is complete, the payments must balance out to ZERO.  This will close the order within the system.  Even if you have provided a final invoice for the order, you must still register the payment under the payments tab.

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