Order Type Creation

Depending on how your business is setup, you might want to track the different Order Types for the various clients you provide services to.  This can be done by differentiating between the Order Types with your RentalTrax system (i.e. Charity, Corporate, Tool, B2B, etc.)  To create your Order Types, go to:  Settings > Order Type.


View the How-To Video HERE:  Order Type

1)    Order Type Directory Title

2)    Created Order Type Listing – Here you will find all the various Order Types previous made or preset within your system

3)    + New Order Type Button – Use this button to activate the New Order Type creation screen



To save you time and avoid repetitive work, you can copy the layout from previous Order Types.


1)    Name Field – Give your new Order Type a relevant name

2)    Copy Layout Form Drop Down – Save yourself time by copying a previously edited layout

3)    Save Button – Make sure that you save your work consistently and often

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