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Using the RentalTrax Payment Layout Editor, you can customize the receipt that is given to the client upon receipt of payment.  This editor can be accessed by going to Settings > Layout > Payment.


View the How-To Video HERE:  Payment Layout

1)     Payment Layout Title

2)    Orientation – Use the dropdown menu to select Landscape or Portrait for the orientation of your receipt.  A standard paper size is 8.5” wide X 11” tall (Portrait) and 11” wide X 8.5” tall (Landscape).

3)    Size of Paper – Use the dropdown menu to select the proper paper size based on your printer

4)    Dynamic Field Dropdown Menu – Add dynamic fields to your receipt to create a more personal receipt.  The dynamic fields will automatically fill in vital information.

5)    Text Editing Tool Bar – Modify your receipt using the simple to use text editing tool bar.  Standard options available include Bold, Italics, Underline, Center/Left/Right justified and more.  The text editing tool bar provides the same basic functions as most word processing systems.

6)    Text Field – Enter the standard text you want displayed on every receipt into the text field.  Ensure that you use dynamic fields to automate vital information.

7)    Save Button – Ensure that you save your work often.



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