Action Icons

 Once you have saved your order, there will be 5 new icons that appear on your order sheet.  These icons are quick launch icons that will be present with the order all throughout RentalTrax.  It is important to use and understand these icons as they form the primary functions of the RentalTrax System.  In order from left to right:  Download Order (Internal), Download Order (Customer), New Order from Copy, Send e-mail, New Invoice.

View the How-To Video HERE:  Action Icons


Download Order (Internal)

Description:  Internal paperwork designed for warehouse, storage and shipping use.  You can edit the layout of the paperwork by going to Settings > Layout > Order Layout.  Select to edit the internal sheet with the second drop down menu.

Otherwise known as Pick Sheet, Pull Sheet, Packing List, etc.










Download Order (Customer)

Description:  The pricing sheet or order sheet that you send to the clients.  You can modify the layout by going to Settings > Layout > Order Layout and selecting Customer with the second drop down menu.


New Order From Copy

Using this icon will launch a new order sheet that has been auto-filled with the products, pricing, location, custom information and more that you have filled out for the previous rental.  You will still have to ensure that you name a party responsible for the order and fill out any payments associated with the new order before saving and e-mailing to your client.


E-Mail Customer

Description:  Quick communication with the client who placed the order to either send a first time contact e-mail with attached order sheet, future savings e-mails, etc.  The e-mail launch will allow you to choose from the previously created templates (Settings > E-Mail Templates).  You will be able to enter a CC for the e-mail, as well as attach files, modify the content of the e-mail and more.




Use this button to create and enter the final invoice criteria for the order.  Once you have created the final invoice, you cannot change the order in any way.  This signifies to the system that you are closing out the order.  The only option available to you after this stage is to apply the final payment to the order. 

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