Mass Update

Step Twenty-Three:  Mass Update


Updating your stock is a constant business operation, and with the wrong system can take hours.  Using RentalTax, you can update your entire inventories stock level in minutes.  To mass update your stock, go to: Products > Mass Update > Stock.


View the How-To Video HERE:  Mass Update

1)    Update Stock Title

2)    Stock Column – Your products will be listed on this page including the current stock amount.  What is customizable are your stock levels.  Instead of a permanent number denoting your stock, the column has now changed to text fields.

3)    Stock Text Field – Modify the stock of each item in the text field allocated in the stock column.  You can save yourself time by entering the new stock number and using the “tab” key to move down the column.



1)    Update Prices Title

2)    Price Column – The previous price of each item will be listed as a default

3)    Replacement Price Column – The price to replace the item will be listed as a default

4)    Price Change Text Field – Enter the new price for the product.  This price is based on a one time rental.  You can save yourself time by using the Tab key to move through the fields.  Pressing TAB will move you to the replacement price text field for the same item

5)    Replacement Price Text Field – Enter the new replacement price for the product.  The replacement price should be what you would have to pay to replace the product in your stock.  This price is most often charged due to damages, lost or stolen merchandise, or sale of old items.

6)    Save Button – Save your work often to avoid lost information or wastes of time.

 Factor Gropus


1)    Update Factor Groups Title

2)    Factor Groups Column – Use this column to sort the products by factor group.  You can click on the title bar or search within the text field.

3)    Factor Groups Drop Down – Update the factor groups for the items by using the simple drop down menu.  You can only attach a factor group to a product that you have previously created. 

4)    Save Factor Groups Button – Save your work often to avoid lost work and wasted time.

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