Tax Class Creation

Setting up and establishing taxes within the RentalTrax system is easy and fully customizable.  You can attach a tax amount right to each individual product (each product can only be adjusted by one tax class).  You can create multiple tax classes for varying types of products; however the tax classes are attached to the products themselves, and not applicable on an entire order.  To setup your tax classes, go to:  Products > Tax Classes > List Tax Classes.


View the How-To Video Here:  TAX CLASS

1)     Tax Class Directory Title

2)    Tax Class Name Database – Here you will find a list of the previously created tax classes inside your RentalTrax system.  Please note that if a tax class is already assigned to a product you will not be able to edit, delete or modify that tax class.

3)    Tax Associated Column – Here you will find listed the tax percentage associated with the named tax class

4)    + New Tax Class Button – Click this button to activate the New Tax Class Creation screen


New Tax Class Creation Screen


1      New Tax Class Title

2      Name – Create an appropriate name for your tax class.  Your client will see this name.

3      Tax Class Percentage Entry Field – Enter the amount in decimal for your tax class.  For example:  10% = 0.10, 8.5% = 0.085.

4      Save Button – Save your work often to avoid lost information and wasted time.

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