The coverage report allows you to see what products are available on a certain date, and provides you with a color coded scheme for quick reference when discussing products with your clients.  To view your coverage report, go to:  Reports > Coverage.  You can also use the Coverage Button located on your Dashboard Home page.


1)    Coverage Report Title

2)    Select Start Date – Use the text box to activate the calendar option to select the start date of the report that you wish to view.  The report will show 15 days from the start date you select.

3)    Category Selection – If the report is providing too much information, you can simplify the report by selecting only the categories that need to be included for your search.  The report will initially show all of the items within your inventory.  Use the check boxes to simplify your search.

4)    List Products Button – Once you have selected your desired categories, use this button to create a simplified report.  The report will now only show the products that are associated with the selected categories.

5)    Date Range – The date you have selected will be shown here with a reminder that it shows 15 days forward from the date selected in the start date field above.

6)    Previous and Next Links – Use these links to quickly scan 15 days forward or backwards in the calendar

7)    Product Listing – If you have not selected any categories, then the report will show all of the products in your inventory.  If you have selected specific categories, then the report will show only the products associated with those categories here.

8)    Color Coding – The calendar provides a color coded scheme to help you quickly reference the availability of a product.

  1. Green – All items are completely available on that date
  2. Orange – Some items have been rented, some are still available.  (Products Rented / Products Remaining)
  3. Red – All items are unavailable on this date.
  4. Pink – The inventory has been overbooked.  The date will display a negative number indicating the amount of products that the inventory has been overbooked for this date.  NOTE:  This color will only be available if you have disabled stock control (Settings > Basic Settings).
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