Responsibility Tab

In order to better manage your operations and track who has been in contact with the client, the Responsibility tab was created.  Using the Responsibility tab will allow you to see who created the order and who was assigned to manage the order.


View the How To Video HERE:  Responsibility Tab

1)    Responsibility Tab

2)    Mandatory Field Icon – The Red Star indicates that this is a mandatory field.  Naming someone responsible for the order must be done before you can save the order within your RentalTrax system.

3)    Responsible Drop Down – Select the user who will be responsible for the order from the drop down menu above.

4)    Responsible Party Preview – Here you will see a preview of who is responsible for the order along with simple contact information.

Created By –Here you will find the information for the person who originally created the order.  For more information on time and date, you can use the Log Tab after the order has been saved.

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