Crew-Planning Tab

You can use the Crew Planning tab to assign users to different orders and they will receive notification of their assignment within their system.  The crew planning tab allows you to prepare your staff for certain events / orders without the need for face to face communication. Users can have different user levels.


View the How-To Video HERE:  Crew Tab

1)     Crew Planning Tab

2)    Use Roster Module Option – Toggle between “Yes” and “No” to activate the crew planning module options.  This is a free module within the system and should be used for advanced scheduling and communications with your staff.

3)    Find User Field –Enter the first letters of the employee that you wish to assign to the order.  This can is an auto-fill field where you can search through your database of users.  Once a user is selected there will be a check box beside their name.

  1. a.     Leaving the Check Box Blank –The user will be prompted to either accept or deny the assignment
  2. b.    Checking the Box –The user will have no prompt to accept or deny the assignment and will be able to view the order within their system.

Remarks Field –You can enter any communications or remarks that you wish to share with the user in the Remarks Field.

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