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Software can be difficult to navigate.  We want to make it as easy as possible on you.  In order to reach our support team with your questions, you can send direct support tickets.  To get to the Support Request Creation page, go to:  Settings > Support.


Read more about support for your rental management software here.

 View the How-To Video HERE:  Support

1)     New Support Request Title

2)    Info Registration Notice – “We register your contact information automatically.”  There is no need to provide contact information in the body of your e-mail as the support ticket is automatically filled out when received by our support team.

3)    Subject – Use the drop down list to find the most appropriate subject for your support request.  Proper use can help streamline your request for our team and provide a more prompt response.  Subjects include:

Upgrade Use this subject if you are looking to upgrade your system in any way

Log in Problems Use this subject if you or your employees are experiencing any log in problems with your system.

Error – Use this subject if you have received an error in your system and desire clarification as to what the error means

Technology – Use this subject to discuss technology changes, advances and available technology that works within the system (i.e. Scanner issues)

Functions – Use this subject to discuss any functions, features or options within the system.  This subject is also best used when creating suggestions for future functions for the RentalTrax system.

Suggestions – Use this subject to also provide suggestions for anything within the RentalTrax system

Development Ideas – Use this subject to provide development ideas for RentalTrax as well as other software ideas

Downtime – If you are experiencing Downtime within your system, use this support request to notify our tech support team right away

Bookkeeping – Use this subject to discuss the book keeping / accounting options within the RentalTrax system

Modules – Use this subject to get any answers to the various Modules provided by RentalTrax

4)    Support Request Text Field – Enter the text for your support request into the text field

5)    Save Button – Use the save button often to avoid losing your work

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