Package Slip

Using the RentalTrax Package Slip report, you can create the entire days packing slip for your warehouse.  This can save an enormous amount of time instead of printing out each and every packing (internal) sheet.  To access the package slip, go to:  Reports > Package slip.


1)    Package Slip Title

2)    Report Tab – Accessing this tab will allow you to select the date and download the report

3)    Date Selection Field – Use the calendar function to select the date you wish to create a package report for

4)    Save and Download Button – Use this button to download the PDF file for the package slip for the selected date.


You can fully customize the look of your package slip by utilizing the tools available under the configuration tab.


1)    Configuration Tab

2)    Orientation Drop Down – Use the drop down menu to determine whether you want the package slip to be displayed in Landscape or Portrait.  The display size will be determined by your decision on paper size.

3)    Size – Select the size of paper you will be using for the report from the drop down menu.

4)    Dynamic Fields Drop Down – Use the dynamic fields drop down to add auto-fill information into the package slip.  This can be extremely useful in helping your warehouse staff prepare the orders properly

5)    Text Display and Edit Field – Enter the text that you wish to display into the text field.  You can use the standard text editing tools located on the tool bar above to give your package slip a more custom and detailed appearance.

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