Calendar Settings


The Calendar Settings can be accessed by going to Settings > Calendar.  This area will allow you to customize what you see on your Dashboard Calendar.  You can view your Calendar by clicking on the Calendar link (1); or view a large Calendar by using the Calendar Button (2).


1)    Calendar Link Location

2)    Calendar Button Location

3)    Order Type

In the top of the calendar settings popup you will make decisions based on your Order Types which will be listed below.  If you haven’t setup your order types yet, you will be able to come back and edit them here later.

4)    Color

Located in the middle column is the associated number based on the color that you choose for that Order Type or Status.  This allows you very customized color coordinating.

5)     Hide on Calendar?

Toggling between Yes and No will allow you to hide these events on your calendar.  If you do not wish to see Price Calculations on your calendar you would choose “Yes” to hide them from your calendar.

6)    Status

In the following fields, you will decide how you would like orders to appear on your calendar based on the status of the order.

7)     Color Box

Here you will see a sample of the color chosen for that custom field


You can use Rentaltrax / WIosoft rental software on PC and Mac

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