Late 2013 update

Dear user!


We just added more WIOpower to your rental management software!


The new functionality is released and is available as of today.



  • Multiple logos can be uploaded to your layouts.
  • Deactivate customers in your system.
  • Videos embedded as help tool in your system - easy access to Youtube resources.
  • Own sorting in your rental webshop
  • State field on your clients / dynamic field.
  • Own values in the order line calculator f.inst. environmental, damage etc. / automatic updates.
  • Headlines on orders
  • Individual replacement price on the order lines / dynamic field.
  • Print reports prepared.
  • Multi selector on auto mails.
  • Title field on your clients f.inst. Mr. Miss. Lord. etc.




We thank you for using WIOsoft.


If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to send us an e-mail at


All the best

Your WIOsoft team
Jacob, Stephan, Niels, Gerard, Brian and Peter.



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    Great. But it doesn't affect the order paper? 

    The products still come mixed. I guess they follow the order you added them to the basket..

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    Jacob Strib Sørensen

    No, it is only the order of the products in the webshop.

    You can now add headlines in the program, and next step is to make grouping.

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